Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days                       


Boards: All Boards


Each course will be concentrate on the core areas of vocabulary and grammar designed around the main skills of the curriculum:

  • Listening
  • Reading and writing
  • Speaking

These skills are revised under these topics:

  • Home and abroad.
  • Education and employment.
  • House, home and daily routines.
  • The modern world environment.
  • Social activities, fitness and health.



  • Ability to listen to and understand the
    spoken Spanish language in a range of contexts and a variety of styles.
  • Read and respond to different types of
    written language.
  • Communicate in writing.
  • Understand and apply a range of vocabulary
    and structures.
  • Develop effective language learning and
    communication skills
  • Communicate in speech for different


There will be extensive practice with past exam papers.

The format and style of the different exam papers will be reviewed.