Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days  


Boards: All Boards


This course is suitable for students enrolled into the GCSE Science syllabus. Core subjects will be covered. Some topics vary between different boards. It is therefore critical students specify which board and syllabus they are enrolled into so these topics can be revised.

The core topics from the three units that constitute the syllabus will be revised with the extensive use of past examination papers. 


Unit 1: Biology B1 

  1. Keeping healthy
  2. Nerves and hormones
  3. The use and abuse of drugs
  4. Interdependence and adaptation
  5. Energy and biomass in food chains
  6. Waste material from plants and animals
  7. Genetic variation and its control
  8. Evolution


Unit 2: Chemistry C1 

  1. The fundamental ideas in chemistry
  2. Limestone and building materials
  3. Metals and their uses
  4. Crude oil and fuels
  5. Other useful substances from crude oil
  6. Plant oils and their uses
  7. Changes in the earth and its atmosphere


Unit 3: Physics P1 

  1. The transfer of energy by heating processes
    and the factors that affect the rate at which that energy is transferred
  2. Energy and efficiency
  3. The usefulness of electrical appliances
  4. Methods we use to generate electricity
  5. The use of waves for communication and to
    provide evidence that the universe is expanding