Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days   


Boards: All Boards


The core areas of the National Curriculum will be covered and revision exercises will use a variety of examination papers. The courses are structured to benefit the needs of students in the group. The following will be covered:



Understanding comprehension, reading with insight and engagement from a variety of material – non-fiction prose, newspaper/magazine articles, advertisements, leaflets, and blogs. Understanding a writer’s ideas and perspectives and how writers use linguistic and structural effects to achieve their purpose.



Using writing to

  • Inform, explain and describe.
  • Argue, persuade and advice.
  • Explore, imagine and entertain.

Different materials and exam papers will be used to revise:

  • forms of writing for example newspaper
    article, magazine review.
  • Reflecting and commenting on contemporary situations that may include national or local issues.
  • using writing to communicate clearly and appropriately
  • Organising of writing including the use of sentences, paragraphs and whole texts.
  • Range of sentence structures, correct
    spelling and grammar.

Speaking and listening skills

Speaking and listening tasks as individuals or in groups to explain, describe and narrate and to discuss, argue and persuade.

The format and style of the different exam papers will be reviewed.