Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days                      


Boards: Edexcel and CIE


The core topics of the IGCSE Physics syllabus will be covered with the extensive use of past examination Papers. This course is not suitable for students enrolled into the IGCSE Double Award Science syllabus.


The core topics are as follows:


Forces and Motion

Movement and position; Forces and Shape; Forces and Movement; Momentum; The turning effect of Forces; Astronomy



Mains Electricity; Electric Charge; Current and Voltage in Circuits; Electrical Resistance;



Properties of Waves; Using Waves; Light Waves; Sound.


Energy Resources and Energy Transfer

Energy Transfers, Thermal Energy; Work and Power; Energy Resources and Electricity Generation


Liquids and Gases

Density and Pressure; Solids, Liquids and Gases


Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Magnetism and Electromagnetism; Electric Motors and Electromagnetic Induction.


Radioactivity and Particles

Atoms and Radioactivity; Radiation and Half-Life;
Applications of Radioactivity; Particles