Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days 

Boards: Edexcel and CIE


The core topics of the IGCSE Biology syllabus will be covered with the extensive use of past examination papers. This course is not suitable for students enrolled into the IGCSE Double Award Science syllabus.

The core topics are as follows:


Organisms and Life Processes

Life processes; The variety of Living Organisms.

Animal Physiology

Breathing and Gas Exchange; Food and Digestion; Blood and Circulation; Coordination; Chemical Coordination; Homeostasis and Excretion; Reproduction in Humans.

Plant Physiology

Plants and Food; Transport in Plants; Chemical
Coordination in Plants; Reproduction in Plants.


Ecology and the Environment

Ecosystems; Human influences on the Environment.

Variation and Selection

Chromosomes, Genes and DNA, Cell Division; Genes and Inheritance; Natural Selection and Evolution; Selective Breeding.


Microorganisms and Genetic Engineering

Using Microorganisms; Genetic Modification.