Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days                        


Boards: All Boards


The core topics of the GCSE Modern World History syllabus relevant to all the Boards will be covered. Each course will be  tailored according to the needs of the students in the group. Students should specify which exam board specification, subject and period they are taking.


The following core topics are covered:


The USA 1917 – 74

Impact of the First World War. The Roaring Twenties, Civil Rights, The Wall Street Crash, The Depression Roosevelt and the New Deal.


Germany 1918 – 45

The German Revolution, Weimar and the Treaty of
Versailles, The rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.


Russia 1917 – 41

From Tsarism to Stalinism.


International Relations 1919 – 1939

The League of Nations.


International Relations 1945 – 1962

The Cold War, The Berlin Crisis, The Cuban Missile
Crisis, The Vietnam War.