Length of course: 1, 2 or 3 days

Boards: All Boards


The core topics of the GCSE Economics syllabus will be covered with the extensive use of past examination papers.

The core topics are as follows:

Unit 1: How the Market Works.

  • What is the economic problem?
  • What are competitive markets?
  • How do firms operate in competitive markets?

Unit 2: How the Economy Works.

  • What are the economic objectives of a government?
  • How does the UK government raise and spend its money?
  • Which policies can the UK government use?

Unit 3: The UK Economy and Globalisation.

  • Why do countries trade?
  • Why is the UK in the European Union?
  • How is the UK's international trade recorded?
  • How important is the value of a currency?
  • How does a country become competitive?
  • Why do some less developed countries struggle to achieve growth and benefit from international trade?
  • What measures may be used to support growth for less developed countries?